AGS Committee Meeting 18th September 2010

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15.00 in Westgate Wetherspoons


1. Flyer/ Poster selection

2. Outline for opening meeting

3. Treasurer

4. Any Other Business


Poster/ Flyer Selection:

Posters and flyers have been chosen by the committee. A5 flyers will be handed out as opposed to book marks. These will be printed out by Andy and James. The committee will meet outside Mandella at 11 in preparation for the setting up of the Fresher's stall.

Outline for the Opening Meeting:

The committee speeches will be made, followed by explanations of what the society does, introducing games (at which point RPGs will be explained) and finally the raffle. All speeches will be kept to a minute maximum in order to keep the meeting as short as possible. 3-4 GMs will be required to run one off games after the meeting with one room reserved for board and card games.


Ben has stepped down as Treasurer. This position will be up for election at the AGM on the 16th of October


Woolf will be booked across two days instead of one in order to accommodate for a longer event. The committee will look at hotel bookings in the event that outside people come to the event. The Saturday of Gamecon co-insides with the January release of a new Magic the Gathering expansion so Elton will look into holding a Magic tournament and release event. A back-up 2nd level judge can be provided if one is needed.


The committee has agreed that the roles of the committee should be discussed, most notably the definition of roles between the secretary and the senior member.

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