AGS Committee Meeting 5th September 2008

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AGS Committee Meeting Minutes

15:00 Saturday 5th September 2008 in Starbucks (Cathedral)

Attendees: Ruth Wake (President), Kim Britnell (Treasurer), Terri King (Secretary), Simon van Gelder (Election monkey), Skimble (Odd Bod), Adam Coleman (Most Dim-witted Homo sapiens), David (Member)

Apologies: James G (Senior Position) – currently in France

Item One: Fresher’s Fair – Thursday 25th September

Stall currently booked – hopefully with other ‘nerds’ i.e. SFX and Anime. Skimble plans to have the day off work to help out. [Sidenote: Robert has donated stuff to the AGS] James has designed bookmarks for everyone and Terri has prepared some A5 flyers (First meeting date needs to be added to the flyers). Costumes are to be worn by all committee members assisting on the day. Kim is providing posters; possibly use some from westgate games too. Kim is organising sweets to lure people to the table. Blurbs need to written about the one of games running at the first meet to be handed out at Fresher’s Fair for potential players.

Item Two: First Meeting Saturday 27th September

Terri is to book Rutherford LT1 for the first meeting and as many cloister rooms as she can get her hands on. 2 – 3 min talks from all execs. Introductions to be done about aspects of the AGS (as stated in last committee meeting)

Demos to be run:

Roo – Vampire the Masquerade

Skimble – Nobilis

Simon and David – Wargaming

Adam – Magic the Gathering

James – An RPG of some sort

Terri and Kim – Board/Card Games

Terri will try and find someone from the forum to run D and D. There will be a break between the meeting and the demo games for an informal Q&A session and nibbles.

Hopefully there will be an edition of Dragon Droppings ready for then – committee should try and submit articles if possible.

A social will be planned for 2pm 4th October (starting outside the library) to show members incognito comics and westgate games.

Item Three: Thinking Ahead...

Sat 21st March – AGS Quiz. Terri to book RLT1

AGS Con – planned to be in Keynes teaching foyer

Some sort of Christmas party – Terri to book all of Missing link one afternoon/evening in December

Item Four: Weekly Meets

From 4th October weekly meets will begin. Mainly a board game social type thing but also some one off RPGs to be run where possible. Terri to try and book as many of the back rooms in the Keynes teaching foyer as possible.

Item Five: Website

Website is currently being updated – more information is on the forum.

Item Six: Consitution

This has been reformed – a copy is available on the website for those who wish to read it. It will officially voted on at the next committee meeting.

Item Seven: AOB


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