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Gaming in Canterbury, amazing as it might sound, is probably done mostly by either members of the AGS, or ex-members that have kept their gaming ways after leaving the University. Considering the AGS is one of the longest running societies at UKC, that's an awful lot of gaming experience.


Putting GMs in touch with players

Once per term, usually on the first Sunday of that term, the society holds a meeting in Rutherford Lecture Theatre 1 at 2pm. The exact details of the next meeting should be available on the Events page, and information about it will be available from Westgate Games.

The purpose of the meetings are to let gamers know which games are in need of players for the following term. GMs stand and name their games, along with a brief description of the game, when it runs, and how many players they need.

The first meeting of the year also brings with it a couple of bonus, one-off games immediately after its completion, so that new members can get a taste of things to come.

Throughout the rest of the year, gamers can maintain contact with each other through the AGS mailing list. Once you are on the mailing list, you can email everyone on the mailing list by sending a mail to games@adventuregaming.co.uk. Note that if you're not on the list, then your email will be checked by a moderator before it is sent to everyone.

If you want to join the mailing list, then visit http://lists.adventuregaming.co.uk/mailman/listinfo/games .

We also make use of IRC (Internet Relay Chat) to provide a channel (chat room) for AGS members to communicate with each other. We utilise two different IRC services for our purposes. On campus, the Computer Science run server is available. We also have a channel on an external server provided by DarkMyst so that people living off campus can make use of a similar service.

If you are not familiar with IRC, you will need to first download an IRC client such as mIRC. Once you have an IRC client, you need to configure it with the following details:

  Internal (on campus) External (off campus)
Server address: irc.compsoc.kent.ac.uk irc.darkmyst.org
Server port: 6667 6667
Channel name: #ags #ags

Note that in both rooms certain individuals are known as 'Operators'. Primarily they are members of the AGS committee, and they are there to ensure that the channel is used appropriately and correctly, and as such should be respected. They can also provide any advice about how to use IRC, and point you in the direction of other channels that may be of interest on the same servers.

Booking rooms for games

The various Masters of the Colleges, and their assistants, should not have to put up with many different people going to them to ask for a room. Therefore, we get our secretary to do all the bookings on campus.

To book a room in one of the colleges, please post in this thread or email the secretary: rh382(at)kent.ac.uk

Generally speaking, rooms most commonly used are the Rutherford Cloister seminar rooms, and the seminar rooms in the Missing Link.

Some games also run off campus, thanks to the generosity of some gamers who are willing to give up their own home for an evening of RPG madness each week. This is not handled by the AGS directly. If you want to offer a place for a game, or are in need of somewhere to play and campus isn't suitable, then email the mailing list with a general offer/request.

Providing gamers with resources

We do this in a number of ways:

  • Some gamers, ex-games and other AGS members have been playing various games for a long time, and know unspeakable amounts about the various systems. If you want help or information, then email the mailing list at games@adventuregaming.co.uk and someone will undoubtedly help you with whatever you need.
  • The AGS has a library, which grows each year as a sizeable part of our budget is spent on it. We have copies of most things from the latest rule books to source books you never knew existed. Everything from D&D to Vampire to GURPS to Macho Women with Guns can be found in the library. After the collapse of the Wargaming society, we also have a large collection of wargaming books and materials.
  • AGS members are entitled to discounts at a couple of gaming shops in Canterbury, through special arrangements with the owners. Currently, this stands as a 10% discount off anything you buy from Westgate Games or Incognito Comics (make sure show your AGS card before they add up your purchases).

Giving gamers a chance to socialise with other gamers

When gaming, it's often a case that you see one or two other groups of gamers once a week, but rarely meet up with other roleplayers/gamers. We aim to give everyone a chance to meet everyone else in the AGS by organising a number of occasions, be it just meeting up for a drink or a fully fledged pub crawl now and then, we aim to give everyone a chance to meet everyone else in the AGS.

Special Events

Throughout the year a number of special events run. The most well known of these to AGS members is the general meeting that takes place once per term. However, since 2001 we also run our annual gaming convention, AGS GameCon in the Spring Term, where gamers from all over the country are invited to play as the AGS takes over a chunk of campus for a whole day of Gaming. In addition there is the ever popular freeform Christmas Party (which usually runs at Christmas). More details of these events will be given at the main meetings and over the mailing list.

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