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Dragon Droppings is the magazine of the Kent Adventure Gaming Society, now in glorious blog form!

The paper magazine was published irregularly from around 1990 and featured articles submitted by society members, padded out by the editor to be more than one or two articles. Then it was on hiatus from around 2000, but returned in time for the Autumn term of 2005 (which pause certainly qualifies it for 'irregular'!)

Since 2010 it has been a blog, allowing it to be updated more regularly, to feature longer articles, and to present a variety of different topics that might not have been suitable for a paper magazine. There is a link to it over on the left side of this page under the "menu" box.

Skimble has been the editor of Dragon Droppings since 2005 and does his best to ensure that all articles are of a presentable standard. However ANYONE can sign up and create posts for the blog. Hopefully we will continue to provide a great cross section of news, reviews, opinions, actual play experiences and other articles related to subjects dear to the AGS. It should be as simple as signing up to the blog and raising a submission, which will then be enqueued for editorial approval before finally being published.

The blog has a Twitter feed at http://twitter.com/agsdragonpoo/ that will be updated whenever a new post is made to the blog. Following that is a great way to see when new content is added, along with any other random cra… er, stuff, we decide to post.

PDF Copies of earlier hard-copy issues

Download the September 2008 issue here: September 2008

Download the January 2007 issue here: January 2007

Download the September 2006 issue here: September 2006

Download the May 2006 issue here: May 2006

Download the January 2006 issue here: January 2006

Download the September 2005 issue here: September 2005

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