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First and foremost, a Wiki is a site that can be edited online. It doesn't need to be changed in a text or HTML editor, and then uploaded. Generally, a Wiki can be updated by any number of people. In the case of the AGS web site, you must first sign up for an account.

With the AGS wiki, editing is restricted to certain members of the committee at present and other trusted individuals that make up the AGS 'web team' as designated by the web monkey. This may be expanded in the future allowing GMs to put up content about their games and so on. If you are interested in joining the web team, or having access for other reasons, please drop me a mail.


A Quick Guide to Wiki editing

Basic HTML is allowed. If you don't know what you're doing, don't use it, but you can put tables, formatting, links and so on without any problems. Just bear in mind the following...

Links to other pages and images will be spotted automagically. Using HTML for these will just end up covering a page in junk.

Linking to other Wiki pages (even ones that don't exist yet) can be achieved with a technique known as sandboxing. This is where you enclose a page's title in two pairs of square brackets: [ [Title] ] (except without the spaces between the square brackets).

Guidelines for Editing the Wiki

If you are going to write content for the wiki, bear in mind that this is the official AGS web site. It is not a dumping ground for badly written or badly organised content. Consider the following (even if some of it is obvious):

  • If you make a notable change, tell the membership about it - update the front page with a new block containing the date and a list of changes you've made. Look at the existing content for how to lay this out properly.
  • Spelling and grammar do matter.
  • Capital letters belong at the starts of sentences and on proper nouns. Sentences end with will full stops, and punctuation is a useful aid to make things readable.
  • Paragraphs don't just look pretty, they make things easier to read. A thousand words of continuous text may be a masterpiece in your eyes, but its unreadable to most.
  • If you want your text to look pretty, or you want to use images, or you want to use other more advanced formatting, then look at the MediaWiki help pages. These can be found by clicking on the little MediaWiki icon in the bottom right. You can always look at the text behind other pages if you need hints. Learn how to use the wiki.
  • Remember people need to be able to read what you write. Pages of bold green text on a yellow and red background are not easy to read.
  • Respect the content of other users. All changes are saved, so anything that's changed that shouldn't be can be restored. Do not change something someone else has written without consulting them first. You can always add a comment to a page if you have something to say.

More Information

Since we use the same wiki technology as Wikipedia, most of the instructions they offer for editing pages apply here as well, both in terms of formatting text and images, and general style guidelines. Take a look by following this link:

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